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The idea for the BEAR BUS became coceptualized in mid 1999 by Lisa and Andy Ellis. They started with a storefront in a local mall with the hopes of introducing a more personal touch to making your own bear. It was not long before people were intersted in holding their children's birthday parties there. Unfortunately, due to Mall regulations, the parties could not include food, cake or drinlks. Clearly not a good setup! One day a Mom asked for us to come to her home and do the party so she could provide her own cake....the party went great!! To take it the extra mile the Ellis' thought it would be even better to transport all the makings in a SPECIAL vehicle and invite the kids right into it to make their bear... Today it is known as the BEAR BUS.. The family went full speed ahead and drove the Bear Bus to many Fairs, Festivals and special events. As of today, the Bear Bus has parked in over 5,000 driveways making special memories. There are over 70,000 birthadys celebrated each day in America and the Bear Bus wants to be a part of as many of them as possible!.  
The Bear Bus - Bearbus.comBear Bus would like to be a part of your special occassion and is a welcome addition to any gathering. The bus is self contained with all the bear essentials; including bear-skins, stuffing, bear wear, and bear accessories. Please contact us today for more information or to book your event.
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