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57486-15 inch Orca Whale (Limited Supply)
Bear Bus
57487-15 inch Dolphin (Limited Supply)
Bear Bus
57490-15 inch Happy Feet Penguin (Limited Supply)
60001-15 inch Lion
60004-15 inch Tiger
60007-15 inch Heart & Soul Bear
60011-15 inch Jerry Bear
60051-15 inch Horse
60052-15 inch Satin Pig
60053-15 inch Cow
60054-15 inch Monkey
60055-15 inch Satin Koala
60056-15 inch Panda
Bear Bus
60344-15 inch Satin Frog
60346-15 inch Satin Elephant
60349-15 inch Zebra
60351-15 inch Giraffe
60378-15 inch White Tiger
Bear Bus
60400-16 inch Bunny
60405-15 inch Terry Cloth Calico Kitty
60410-15 inch Furry White Bear
60415-15 inch Honey Bear
60425-15 inch Satin Lab Dog
60430-15 inch Satin Husky Dog
60490-15 inch Satin Turtle
60502-15 inch Satin Beige Bear
60504-15 inch Satin Leopard
60540-15 inch Cuddle Kitty
60545-15 inch Satin Poodle
60555-15 inch Satin Black Lab
60560-15 inch Satin Moose
60565-15 inch Satin Dalmation Dog
60570-15 inch Satin Penguin
60575-15 inch Satin White Unicorn
60580-15 inch Terry Cloth Lamb
60585-15 inch Satin Yellow Duck
60595-15 inch Satin Panther [Limited Supply]
60600-15 inch Coco Bear
Bear Bus
60605-15 inch Two Tone Dog
Bear Bus
60618-15 inch Key Lime Bear
Bear Bus
60620-15 inch Black Bear
Bear Bus
60630-15 inch Purple Hippo
Bear Bus
60635-15 inch Gray & White Kitty
Bear Bus
60640-16 inch Long Hair Bear
60645-15 inch Purple Bear
60650-17 inch Satin Alligator
60655-17 inch Satin Flamingo NEW ! !
60660-17 inch Smiling Snowman
60665-16 inch Pink & White Long Hair Bear NEW ! !
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