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The stuff your own teddy bear company that brings the party to you!
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Halfmoon, NY 12065

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Stuff your own cuddly friend for life right inside our bus!!!

    . is a beary good place to pick out a new stuffable friend.
Inside the Bear Bus.  [Images by  Joan Heffler -]  - Copyright Bear Bus

Bear Bus is the first and only mobile stuff your own teddy bear business bringing the party right to your door. Create your own cuddly friend or make a friend for someone special.


Choose your favorite furry friend. [Images by  Joan Heffler -] Copyright Bear Bus


Book us for birthday parties, school events, or any special occasion and we'll bring it right to you.  


Bringing Home Smiles. [Images by  Joan Heffler -] Copyright Bear Bus


Create an online order to be shipped to your door, or check out our fair listings to see where we can meet you.



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